Inspire x5 Cinque Terre

Welcome to “Inspiration by five”

A series of posts in which I combine my love for photography and my even greater love for travel in order to leave you feeling inspired.

Once a week, I will choose five moments from my travels from a part of our beautiful world that has captured my attention, drawn me in, anchored a piece of my heart and left me wanting more.

This week’s feature –> Cinque Terre, Italy

Even in Italy, a land of many wonders, Cinque Terre National Park is unique. I had longed to visit this part of the Italian Riviera for years. Ever since it appeared in my reality, seeing images of the “Five Lands” and it’s crazily-constructed picturesque fishing villages, each having their own distinctive essence and feel, perched dramatically atop the breathtaking Ligurian coastline

History is alive in the villages, filled with ancient churches and castles between narrow, crooked streets and squares, lined with colourful old houses stacked haphazardly on top of each other.

Infused with an old world charm, even nowadays the Cinque Terre are hard to reach. The rocky, rugged coastal cliffs keep this area in scenic isolation, and this contributes in preserving the surroundings in their characteristic Mediterranean appearance.

As it often happens, at least with me anyway, travel seldom goes according to plan.

Even so, I loved my time here.

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