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Welcome to “Inspiration by five”

A series of posts in which I combine my love for photography and my even greater love for travel in order to leave you feeling inspired.

Once a week, I will choose five moments from my travels from a part of our beautiful world that has captured my attention, drawn me in, anchored a piece of my heart and left me wanting more.

This week’s feature –> Moscow, Russia

The political, cultural and financial powerhouse of the Russian Federation with a rich history that spans decades, Moscow is truly an alpha megacity.

The largest country in the world certainly has a way of taking you way out of your comfort zone. Simultaneously, making you feel infinitesimal, making you feel dwarfed by its class, structure and grandeur.

Prior to travel, I had heard many strange stories about travelling in Russia. Apart from a few (mis)adventures, I experienced no other issues and managed to have an excellent time here.

The home to the largest number of billionaires in the world and underground metro stations that are works of art. With an interesting mix of old and new, truly unique architecture and attractions like The Red Square, The Kremlin, the “Seven sisters”, Arbat, the masterpiece that is St. Basil’s cathedral and others, Moscow is certain to leave a lasting impression long after you have left.

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