Fear, Television is ruining your life!

I often go months without watching any television.
Especially when travelling.

Amazon Jungle Travel Solo No fear No television
The Amazon Jungle! Dangerous or just Pure Beauty?

And I do not miss it at all.

Friends and strangers alike, often ask me how am I able to travel to foreign countries.

On a whim

Not knowing anyone. Not being able to speak the language. Not knowing where I’d stay. Not knowing how I’d get about.

Without much of a plan at all.

Before anyone comments, I’m going to admit that yes, a big reason is because I’m kind of crazy.
I’ve been made this way.
It is who I am.


Another huge reason is because I simply do not succumb to the bullshit propaganda of what’s shown on television, in newspapers and the media in general.

I don’t have FEAR floating through my (sub)conscious.

Ruling my decisions.
Running my life.
Ruining my life.

What’s shown on television would have you believe that the world’s a dark and dangerous place, where something bad is waiting to happen around every corner. Suddenly, everyone out there is dangerous, out there to get you and not to be trusted.

HD television is impacting the mentality of humans all over.

Negative television causes most to live in fear with low self-esteem. The propaganda among the world media generates ideas that induce fear psychologically, preventing the progression of consciousness and augmenting despondency.

Spending a single hour examining news and modern Hollywood films and the reoccurring theme seems to be a threat of some sort over the horizon. The end of the world as we know it is being sold.

If the news isn’t feeding it to you, then some other channel is talking about asteroids, UFOs, earthquakes, terrorism, violent protests, or exposés about serial killers. The list goes on and on.

They are crafted on a message that our world is unstable and the threat is always an invisible and dangerous one.

Travel around the world Solo travel no fear anxiety

All this forces you into routine and to remain “safe” in your comfort zone.

The reality however, is quite the contrary.

The world is absolutely gorgeous filled with energy to excite. To make you come alive.

People are generous, welcoming and kind. Trying to live life much like you do.

Sure “bad” things do happen.

But it’s not as the media would have you believe.

“What about all the disasters?” I hear you asking.
Well, you have absolutely no control over this anyway. There is no point in waiting around and wondering if/when something bad is about to happen. All you can do is surrender and trust in the process of life.

It’s been proven that television has the effect of dumbing down humanity

Do the research and see for yourself. Activity in the higher brain regions (such as the pro-cortex) is diminished when watching television, while activity in the lower brain regions (such as the limbic systems) increases.

The latter, is associated with more primitive primal functions such as “fight or flight” response. This part of the brain is unable to distinguish between reality and the simulated reality of television. If it looks real, it is real. So although, on a conscious level we know it’s “only a film,” on a subconscious level we do not.

Similarly, we know the commercial is trying to manipulate us, but on an unconscious level the commercial succeeds in making us feel inadequate.

What’s the point of an advert but to make us unhappy with what we have?

Watching television opens the door to being exposed to the manipulations of the TV programmers. This is where the manipulator uses our own emotions as strings to control us. The distortions and directions are taking place in the subconscious, often undetected.

And what about all that wasted time spent in a vegetative state staring at the television, wishing, dreaming your life was something more, instead of using that valuable time to make your life into something you’d be proud to call your own.

Travel Solo Fun No Fear No tv television

So apologies if I don’t show much excitement at the sight of your brand new 90-inch HD/plasma/LCD/whatever.

“An entire room dedicated to a TV?” is all I can say. Followed by, “imagine the real-life adventure you would have been able to have instead?”

I’d much rather see the photos from your latest vacation or your artistic creations as a result of your newly discovered talent. I’d much rather hear about your nose-dived attempts at learning how to surf, your progress at yoga or about the latest book you’re reading. I’d much rather feel your excitement as you talk about starting your own business, your latest infatuation or your dream to volunteer and/or travel the world.

Back at my hotel in Oslo, fresh from an incredible hike through the fjords of Norway, I take refuge from the heat of the midday sun. In the foyer, an international news channel plays in the background. “I haven’t watched television in over three months” I think to myself as my eye scans this vague familiarity. Curiosity gets the better of me as I sit down to watch.

Fifteen minutes later and the highs of exploration are soon replaced with anxiety and unease. I immediately notice abysmal thoughts and find fear building up within, “whoa, maybe the world is a dangerous place!”

Not being able to turn it off, I put on my headphones, press shuffle and prefer to sing along instead.

“I get lost in the beauty; of everything I see
The world ain’t half as bad; as they paint it to be”

If I had fallen prey to the mind-trappings of the media, I would have never had the courage to follow my heart.

I would have never been bold enough to take the biggest leap of faith of my life.

Leaving behind the safety of the known in pursuit of the adventure of the unknown.

And in turn having the time of my life.

It’s time for you to switch off that television!

Stop merely existing. Stop just trying to survive.

It’s time to start living…
A life

What say you? Are you in?

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Over to you. What are your thoughts and opinions on television and the media in general? Let me know in the comments.

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No fear,

✈ Rai

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