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Fact – Australia is a sovereign transcontinental country comprising the mainland of the Australian continent, the island of Tasmania, and numerous smaller islands. Officially named the Commonwealth of Australia, it is renowned for its amazing beaches, dangerous creatures, Aboriginal culture, natural wonders, urban cities, wide open spaces, and of course the outback. It is a diverse country just waiting to be unearthed. Read on to discover over 100 facts about Australia that are fun, informative, interesting, and somewhat mind-blowing.

From the largest living organism on Earth and the world’s oldest civilization to the highest number of UNESCO World Heritage sites and the most deadly animals in the world, Australia is a destination that has it all.

These interesting facts about Australia will provide you with lots of info and a greater appreciation for the region, whether you’re planning a trip of your own, for a school project, or even just out of pure curiosity.

With a history of the continent dating back tens of thousands of years, Australia is a region of unlimited fascination and there’s a lot to include in this post.

Read on to find a whole lot of Australia facts that are highly interesting, weird, and entertaining. You will also learn about the people, the culture, the history, the food, and some other mind-blowing Australian trivia.

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About Australia Facts

Official name: Commonwealth of Australia
Country: Australia
Region: Oceania
Commonwealth of Australia: January 1, 1901
Nickname: The Land Down Under
Capital city: Canberra
Largest city: Sydney
Time zone: Australian Eastern Daylight Time (GMT +11)
Coordinates: 25.2744° S, 133.7751° E
Land Area: 7,692,024 km² (2,969,907 sq mi)
Total Area: 7,741,220.00 km²
States: 6 federated states
Lowest point: Lake Eyre
Highest Point: Mawson Peak on Heard Island
Population: 26,515,776 (2023)
Life expectancy: 83.79 years
Official languages: None at the federal level
Religion: Christianity
GDP: 1.331 trillion USD
Median household income: $51,389
Currency: Australian dollar (AUD)
Major Industries: financial and insurance services, construction, healthcare, mining, manufacturing
Form of government: Federal parliamentary democracy
Dialing code: +61
Electricity: 230 V standard voltage, 50 Hz frequency

💡 Facts Australia National symbols

National anthem: Advance Australia Fair
Royal anthem: God Save the Queen
National motto: No official motto. Formerly Advance Australia
National colours: Green and gold
National floral emblem: Golden Wattle (Acacia pycnantha Benth)
National gemstone: The Australian opal
National animal: The Kangaroo
National bird: The Emu (Dromaius novaehollandiae)
National fruit: Riberry (Syzygium luehmannii)

What are some fun facts about Australia for kids?

🖐️ Here are 5 Australia facts for kids

What are 5 facts about Australia?

1. Australia is a country, an island, and a continent. It is located in Oceania in the Southern Hemisphere, between the Indian Ocean on the west and the South Pacific Ocean on the east.

You will find Australia south of Indonesia, separated from Asia by the Arafura and Timor seas. The country lies northwest of New Zealand and north of Antarctica.

2. Australia is the sixth largest country in the world.

3. There are three times as many sheep and twice as many kangaroos than there are people in Australia.

The kangaroo is the national symbol of Australia. The kangaroo has appeared on currency, on stamps, and on Royal Australian aircraft ever since it was included on the nation’s coat of arms in 1908.

4. Australia is the country with the largest number of deadliest and most dangerous animals.

The country has many of the most dangerous animals with deadly venom and poisonous insects on Earth. The box jellyfish, stonefish, marbled cone snail, taipan snake, and blue-ringed octopus are in the top ten most venomous animals of the world, and all of these creatures live in Australia.

5. Australia has the world’s largest reef ecosystem.

The Great Barrier Reef, one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World, is so large that it can be seen from space. It is regarded as the largest living organism in the world as it extends over 2,300 kilometres (1,615 miles) in the Coral Sea off the coast of northeastern Australia.

It encompasses over 3000 individual reefs. 600 continental islands, 300 coral cays, and 150 inshore mangrove islands.

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About Australia facts trivia beach kangaroo

✓ Interesting facts about Australia

It’s time to learn more about the Land Down Under.
Check out these highly interesting Australia facts to get you going.

Did you know:
Australia is nicknamed the “Land Down Under” because the country is found below the equator.

How big is Australia?

  1. Australia is 7.692 million square kilometres in size.

    This is five per cent of the world’s land mass and makes Australia the sixth largest country on the planet after Russia, Canada, China, the United States of America, and Brazil.

  2. Australia, made up of six federated states and ten federal territories, is the largest country in the Southern Hemisphere.

  3. The population is Australia is more than 26 million.

    The exact number of people in 2023 is 26,515,776.

  4. The currency of Australia is the most difficult to counterfeit in the world.

    This is because it is printed on polymer plastic. An added benefit is that the notes are waterproof and last longer.

    Australia’s national currency is Australian dollars (AUD). This comes in denominations of $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100 notes. Coins come in 5, 10, 20, 50 cent and 1 and 2 dollar denominations.

  5. There are 160 different languages spoken in Australia.


  6. Australia has no official language.

    Although, English is the most commonly spoken language as a result of the European settlement.

    There are 160 different languages spoken in Australia, and English only accounts for 73% of the population. Over time, the pronunciations, grammar, and spelling have changed, including over 125 Aussie slang words.

  7. The Golden Wattle (Acacia Pycnantha Benth) is Australia’s national floral emblem.

    When in bloom, the golden wattle displays the country’s national colours of green and gold.

  8. Australia experiences three different time zone across the country.

    These are named Western Standard Time, Central Standard Time, and Eastern Standard Time.
    Daylight savings is used by Victoria, New South Wales, and South Australia from March to October each year.

  9. Sydney is the biggest city in Australia.

    Sydney, found in New South Wales and with a population of 4,627,300, is the most populated and largest Australian city. It is followed by Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide. 

    However, the largest city in Australia by area is Brisbane, extending over 15,826 km² (9,833 m²)

  10. The world’s longest national highway is in Australia with a length of 14,500 kilometres.

    Extending over 9,000 mi, Highway 1 passes through all Australian states. This network of highways circumnavigates the continent and connects most of the major cities around the coast.

  11. Australia is the second largest gold producer in the world.

    66 gold mines are currently in operation across the continent. The largest of these is found in Kalgoorlie in Western Australia.

    The Golden Mile of the Kalgoorlie Goldfield, is one of the richest gold deposits in the world, producing over 60 million ounces of gold.

  12. The continent of Australia is the world’s smallest continent In terms of land area.

    In total, it encompasses an area of 2,967,909 m² (7,686,884 km²). Australia is also the only continent that is governed by a single nation state.

    Australia is NOT the biggest island in the world. This title goes to Greenland.

  13. There are 516 national parks in Australia.

    The largest of these is Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory.

    The most famous of these is likely Uluṟu-Kata Tjuṯa National Park in the Northern Territory. The park is home to Uluru, the world-famous rock monolith.

    Another interesting fact about Australia…

  14. Around 85% of the population lives within 50 kilometres of the Australian Coast.

    This leaves a whole lot of vast empty space everywhere else.

  15. The lowest point on the Australian continent is Lake Eyre.

    Located in South Australia, the dry bed of Lake Eyre is 15 metres below sea level.

  16. The highest point is NOT Mount Kosciuszko.

    This title actually belongs to Mawson Peak on Heard Island. It reaches an elevation of 2,745 metres (9,006 feet).

    At 2,228 meters (7,310 feet) tall, Mount Kosciuszk is the tallest mountain peak in mainland Australia.

  17. Australia is the 13th largest economy in the world.

    Australia is considered a highly developed country with a market economy.

    The country is the 13th-largest economy by nominal GDP, the 18th-largest by PPP-adjusted GDP, the 20th-largest goods importer, and the 25th-largest goods exporter.

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Australia Great barrier reef

✓ Mind blowing facts about Australia

Find even more trivia about Australia interesting facts ⬇

What are some fun facts about australia?

  1. Australia is the flattest, smallest, and (apart from Antarctica) the driest continent in the world.

    94% of the total land surface in Australia comprises of flat lowland and is less than 600 mt. above sea level.

    About 35% of the continent receives so little rain that it is effectively considered a desert. In total, 70% of the mainland receives less than 500 millimetres of rain annually, classifying it as arid or semi-arid.

  2. Australia’s Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world

    Stradbroke Island is the second-largest, and Moreton Island is the third-largest. These are all located off the South East Queensland Coast, and are easily visited from Brisbane.

    Here’s a cool fact about Australia for you:

  3. There are more than 10,000 beaches in Australia.

    If you visited a different beach each day, it would take you more than 27 years to see them all.

  4. The Australian Alps get covered by more snow than Switzerland in an average year.

    The Australian Alps encompass the southeastern portion of the Great Dividing Range or Eastern Highlands. This region is a vast chain of high elevation areas that extend over 1.6 million hectares along the east coast of Australia from Cape York to Tasmania.

    The Snowy Mountains, as they are also known as, are found in eleven national parks and reserves across New South Wales, Victoria, and the Australian Capital Territory. 

    Do you know this mind blowing fact about Australia?

  5. The Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia is the largest reef system in the world.

    This natural spectacle stretches more than 2,300 kilometres (1,615 miles) in the Coral Sea off the coast of northeastern Australia.

    It’s made up of 3000 individual reefs. 600 continental islands, 300 coral cays, and approximately 150 inshore mangrove islands.

    The Great Barrier Reef, one of the 7 natural wonders of the world, is so large that it can be seen from outer space.

    This unique ecosystem is the only place on Earth where two UNESCO World Heritage Sites meet.

  6. The Great Ocean Road is the largest war memorial on earth.

    Built in honour of the soldiers and those who served in World War One, the Great Ocean Road spans 243 kilometers (151 miles) between Torquay and Allansford in Victoria.

    With its natural beauty and dramatic landscapes, the Great Ocean Road is also known as one of the most spectacular drives in the world.

    There are between 4,000 and 5,000 war memorials in Australia, depending on what is counted.

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  7. Australia has several pink lakes, including Lake Hillier and Hutt lagoon.

    Scientists suggest that the pink colour comes from micro-algae in the water, but this phenomenon is not fully understood.

  8. Uluru or Ayers Rock is the most famous rock in Australia and is thought to be the biggest.

    However, this title belongs to Mount Augustus in Western Australia and is roughly 2.5 times the size of Uluru.

    Uluru extends for 15 miles underground.

  9. Australia has more UNESCO World Heritage sites than any other country in the world.

    There are a total of 19 world heritage site in Australia. These include but are not limited to the Sydney Opera House, the Bungle Bungles, Uluru, Kakadu, and the Great Barrier Reef.

  10. The world’s largest canal system is located in Australia

    This is found in the Gold Coast in Queensland’s South East. It’s even bigger than both Venice and Amsterdam combined.

  11. The termite mounds in Australia are the tallest animal-made structures in the world.

    In particular, the Magnetic Termite Mounds that are exclusive to Australia’s Northern Territory are created very tall and wedge-shaped. These structures, around 100 years old, stand up to two metres high.

    The orientation of the nest is north-south and points like a compass needle, hence the name magnetic termite. The system of tunnels helps control the climate inside and can regulate temperature, humidity, and gas distribution.

  12. Australia is surrounded by three oceans – the Southern Ocean, the Indian Ocean, and the Pacific Ocean.

    What is the most interesting fact about Australia?

  13. Australia is the only continent that doesn’t have an active volcano.

    You will find volcanoes on every continent, including Antarctica.

    Even though Australia has almost 150 volcanoes, none of them have erupted in over 4,000 years and hence are considered extinct. The lack of any volcanic activity is mainly due to the country’s location in relation to a tectonic plate.

✓ Wildlife of Australia Facts

The fauna and flora found in Australia are unique to this part of the world as the region was isolated from the rest of the world for many millions of years, enabling the life to evolve in distinguishing ways. Check out these 100 Australian facts about the animals that live here.

Which country has the most deadliest animals?
Answer: Australia

That’s right…

  1. Australia has the largest number of animals with the most deadly venom.

    The country is home to many of the most dangerous animals and poisonous insects on Earth. The box jellyfish, stonefish, marbled cone snail, taipan snake, and blue-ringed octopus are in the top ten most venomous animals of the world, and all of these creatures live in Australia.

    Other dangerous animals found in Australia include the saltwater crocodile, great white shark, Australian black widow spider, funnel-web spider, eastern brown snake, and the tiger snake.

    Of these, spiders are the most widely distributed venomous creatures in Australia. There are an estimated 10,000 species living across a variety of ecosystems in the country. Of these, only around 3,600 have been described.

    However, it’s not any of these creatures that kill the most humans in Australia.

  2. Cows and horses kill the most humans in Australia each year.

    This is followed by kangaroos.

    I bet you’ve heard this one before:

  3. Australia has more kangaroos than people.

    Depending on the season, around 50 million kangaroos can be found in Australia. That’s around two kangaroos for every one Australian.

    When the kangaroo population skyrockets, the locals are encouraged to eat more kangaroo meat as a form of population control.

    Speaking of which…

  4. Australia is the only country to eat their national animals.

    Usually the national animals of a country are under protective laws. However, in Australia this does not apply as both the Red Kangaroo and Emu, featured on the coat of arms emblem, are consumed. 

    Kangaroo meat is highly sorted after due to its high protein and low-fat content.

    Both kangaroo and emu lack the ability to walk backwards

    Amused? These Australian facts funny tidbits are sure to do just that.

  5. The Dingo Fence, with a length of 5,614 km (3,488 mi), is longer than the Great Wall of China.

    It was built in the 1880s to shield the east part of Australia from dingoes. This fence is one of the longest structures in the world and extends across South Australia from Jimbour on the Darling Downs near Dalby to the cliffs of Nullarbor Plain.

  6. The Dingo Fence is also the longest fence in the world.

  7. The Quokka is considered the world’s happiest animal.

    These cute creatures can only be found on Rottnest Island and Bald Island in Australia. They were first discovered in the 1600s and come from the same family as the kangaroo.

    One of the most distinctive features of these cute creatures is their smile, ranging from a tiny smile to a huge grin. This feature makes quokkas sought after to capture a selfie with them.

  8. There are over 60 types of kangaroo in Australia.

    About 60 species of kangaroo exist. However, there are four main species of kangaroos: the antilopine kangaroo, the red kangaroo, the eastern grey kangaroo, and the western grey kangaroo.

    You will find them spread across the Australian continent and are also unlikely to be found mixing in the wild.

  9. It is illegal to keep a platypus as a pet in Australia as well as to export them as pets to other countries.

    The platypus, renowned as one of the few mammals that lay eggs, is endemic to eastern Australia.

    It is also one of only a few venomous mammals and can kill a small dog with its venom.

    The males have a sting that causes excruciating pain, often described as the sting of hundreds of hornets, leaving the victim incapacitated for a couple of weeks.

    Have you heard this fascinating fact about Australia before?

  10. The Box jellyfish is Australia’s most deadly marine animal.

    These cnidarian invertebrates, distinguished by their box-like body, are responsible for more deaths than snakes, sharks, and saltwater crocodiles.

    Their venomous tentacles can reach over 9 feet in length with around 5,000 stinging cells. The venom is considered to be among the most deadly in the world. The toxins attack the skin, nervous system, and heart that is so painful that victims have been known to going shock and drown or die of cardiac arrest before even reaching the shore.

  11. The world’s only white whale, named Migaloo, can be seen migrating off the coast of Australia.

    Migaloo, an adult male albino humpback whale, is one of the thousands of humpback whales that migrate from the cold waters of the Antarctic to the warm Australian waters where they mate or give birth.

    Migaloo is estimated to have been born in 1986 and was first spotted passing through Byron Bay in 1991.

    It is rare for this famous whale to pass through Australia’s coast without being noticed.

  12. Australia is home to 21 out of 25 of the world’s most venomous snakes.

    These include eastern brown snake, western brown Snake, mainland tiger snake, and coastal taipan.

    You may be wondering, which snake kills the most humans in Australia?

    That would be the Eastern brown snake. This species of snake is responsible for almost 60% of the deaths caused by snakebites in the country.

  13. Australia is the world’s largest sheep exporter and exports 92% of its mutton production and 57% of its lamb production.

    The national sheep flock is expected to grow to 74.4 million in 2023,  meaning 3 sheep for every one person living here.

  14. The echidna is Australia’s most widespread native mammal.

    These quill-covered egg-laying mammals from the Tachyglossidae family are found in mainland Australia as well as on Kangaroo Island, Flinders Island, and Tasmania.

  15. Australia is home to the largest camel herd in the world.

    Camels aren’t native to Australia and were brought into the country by British settlers during the 19th century.

    How many camels are in Australia? Almost 1 million wild camels can be found here and the numbers are growing faster than the industry can handle.

    The country exports 10,000 camels to the Middle East each year.

  16. The koala is an arboreal herbivorous marsupial that is native to Australia

    I bet you didn’t know that there are 10 times more camels in Australia than koalas.

  17. Australia contains more than 1500 species of spiders, and a couple are listed as the deadliest in the world.

    The largest spiders found in Australia are the whistling spiders. The northern species Selenocosmia crassipes can grow to 6 cm in body length with a leg span of 16 cm.

    The most dangerous ones to be on the lookout for (to avoid) include the redback spider, the funnel-web spider, mouse spider, and trap door spiders.

  18. Australia is the only place in the world where you can still find the lungfish.

    These living air-breathing freshwater creatures are a living fossil from the Triassic period 350 million years ago. They represent the closest living relatives of the tetrapods and can live out of water for an extended period of time, breathing through its lungs.
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✓ Fun facts about Australia

These Australia fun facts will have you amused and informed at the same time.

  1. The national colours of Australia are green and gold.

    Green represents nature, trees, and crops. Gold represents grain, sand, fleece, and mining.

    The colours, along with the national anthem, were proclaimed as the national colours on 19 April 1984.

  2. Australia is the country with the highest number of casino gamblers in the world.

    20% of the world’s poker machines for gambling can be found in Australia, with more than 80% of Aussies participating in the activity.

  3. The Island of Tasmania is known for having the cleanest air in the world.

  4. Over 80% of Australia’s plants and animals are unique to the island and can’t be found anywhere else in the world.

  5. The boomerang, a popular Australia Icon, was used as a weapon for hunting.

    It was also used in sports and for entertainment.

  6. John Batman was one of the founders of Melbourne in Victoria. The city was first known as “Batmania.”

    Continue reading for a couple more funny Australian facts

  7. An Australian once tried to sell New Zealand on eBay.

    In May 2006, a man from Brisbane, attempted to sell New Zealand in a one-month auction at a starting price of A$0.01.

    The price had risen to $3,000 before eBay closed the auction due to a violation of its company policy.

  8. The Sydney Harbour Bridge, an Australian landmark, took 8 years to construct.

    … with 1400 workers, 53,000 tonnes of steel, and 272,000 litres of paint.

  9. The highest temperature ever recorded in Australia was 50.7 °C, or 123.3 ℉.

    This was recorded on 13 January 2022 at Onslow, Western Australia, and 2 January 1960, in Oodnadatta, South Australia.

    The lowest temperature ever recorded in Australia was −23.0 °C (−9.4 °F), at Charlotte Pass, New South Wales, on 29 June 1994.

  10. More than 90% of Australia is covered in vegetation.

  11. The world’s longest golf course is in Australia

    Nullarbor Plain contains the world’s longest Golf Course with 18 holes stretching through two states over 1300 kilometres.

  12. The popular Ugg boot brand of winter footwear made from sheepskin originates in Australia.

  13. The world record for sculling beer belongs to the former Prime Minister, Bob Hawke.

    In 1954, Bob was recognized by the Guinness Book of Records for sculling 2.5 pints of beer in 11 seconds.

  14. Australia is the world’s largest producer of wine

    1.3 billion litres of wine are produced each year. There are 60 designated wine regions across the country, with the majority in Victoria and New South Wales.

    At least 43% of Australians drink wine, followed by 35% drinking beer. Say cheers!

  15. Australia has the longest dead-straight train line in the world.

    With 478 kilometres in length, it goes from Port Augusta in South Australia to Kalgoorlie in Western Australia. This train journey takes just over 15 hours to travel.

  16. 95% of the world’s Opal stones come from Australia.

    They are mined throughout New South Wales, Queensland, and South Australia.

  17. Australia has the world’s largest cattle station ranch.

    Anna Creek Ranch, the world’s largest working cattle station, is located in the Australian state of South Australia. It covers a massive area of 23,000 square kilometers (14,000 square miles).

    How many of these Australian facts funny have you heard before?

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Whithaven beach Australian facts trivia

✓ Historical facts of Australia

Did you enjoy these funny facts about Australia as much as I did? Now, let’s delve deeper into the past of this country by looking at some interesting facts about Australian history. 

  1. Australia Day, celebrated annually on 26 January, is the official national day of Australia.

    This day is used to mark the 1788 landing of the First Fleet at Sydney Cove and the raising of the Union Flag by Arthur Phillip, proclaiming British sovereignty following days of exploration of Port Jackson in New South Wales.

    However it’s not all celebrations as many of Australia’s Aboriginal community have been formally protesting against the celebration of January 26 since 1938.

  2. Australia was originally planned as a penal colony.

    In October 1786, the British government appointed Arthur Phillip as captain of the HMS Sirius. He was commissioned to establish an agricultural work camp here for British convicts.

  3. The Commonwealth of Australia was formed on 1 January 1901.

    Each state began as a separate British colony. However, following the unification of the six colonies the Commonwealth of Australia was founded.

  4. The first seat belt law was created in Australia in 1970.

  5. Australia became the second country to give women the right to vote.

    This took place in 1902.

  6. The first photos of the moon landing were shared with the world from a tracking station at Parkes in New South Wales.

    In 2000, an Australian movie was produced telling the story and was the top-grossing movie in Australia for that year.

  7. Melbourne was the capital of Australia for 26 years between 1901 and 1927.

  8. An Australian, Dr. Mark Lidwill, invented the Pacemaker at the Crowns Women’s Hospital in Sydney.

    The pacemaker has saved countless lives and is listed as one of the top ten inventions in the world.

    I bet you learned a whole lot with these history of Australia facts interesting trivia!

Other inventions coming out of Australia include polymer bank notes, latex gloves, Google maps, Wifi Technology, the electric drill, spray-on skin, cochlear implants, ultrasound, smoke alarms, and the black box flight recorder.

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Landscape australia interesting facts

✓ Foodie facts about Australia

Hungry? It’s time to discover some lesser known and fun facts on Australia and the food found here.

  1. Vegemite, with a sticky, salty and bitter taste, is the most popular spread in Australia.

    This weird food was invented in Melbourne in 1923 from brewer’s yeast. Parents raise their kids on vegemite due to its nutritional value.

    Did you know that Vegemite has been deemed illegal under US food laws and is banned from the country.

  2. Anzac Biscuits were first made by the wives of WW1 soldiers in 1917.

    Anzac stands for “Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.” These treats were very easy to make and travelled well in an airtight container.

  3. Aussies eat over 270 million meat pies per year.

    The meat pie was initially introduced into the country by the English and Irish that arrived during the settlement period. Better known as an Aussie Pie, it is found in every nook and corner of the country.

  4. Aussies also drink 1.7 billion litres of beer per year.

  5. Around 45 million packets of Tim Tams are sold each year in Australia.

    With 11 biscuits in each packet, that equates to 495 million individual Tim Tams.

Other iconic Australian foods include:
fairy bread, chicken parmigiana, pavlova, lamingtons, and fish and chips. 

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ANZAC Biscuits Facts on Australians Food

✓ Facts on Australian Culture

Read on to discover super interesting facts of Australia and the uniqueness of its culture.

  1. The aboriginal culture is the world’s oldest civilization.

    DNA study finds that Aboriginal Australians became genetically isolated between 40,000 to 60,000 years ago and are the oldest civilisation in the world outside of Africa.

  2. The flag of Australia has three elements on a blue background: the Union Jack, the Commonwealth Star, and the Southern Cross. 

    Adopted on 14 April 1954, the flag was first flown at the Royal Exhibition Buildings in Melbourne on 3rd September 1901 in the presence of the first Prime Minister of the country.

    The elements of the flag include the Union Jack in the upper left corner representing the country’s history as six British colonies. Just below the Union Jack is a white Commonwealth, or Federation, seven-pointed star. To the right are five white stars representing the Southern Cross.

  3. Christmas in Australia is celebrated in summer, often with outdoor gatherings at beaches, including barbecues and swimming.

  4. The Melbourne Cup is Australia’s most famous annual thoroughbred horse race.

    It takes place every November and almost the entire country will watch the 3200-metre televised race.

  5. The Moomba Festival, Australia’s largest free community festival, is celebrated in Melbourne Victoria.

    Taking place along the Yarra River, this Melburnian tradition is celebrated over four days. It dates back to 1951 when the city celebrated fifty years of Federation with a parade and the staging of the theatre production ‘An Aboriginal Moomba: Out of the Dark’.

  6. Voting is mandatory in Australia for everyone over the age of 18

    There are fines and consequences in place for those that don’t vote.

  7. Christianity is Australia’s major religion.

    The 2016 census found that 52.1% of Australians classify themselves as Christian. More than 30% stated that they had no religion. Islam (2.6%) and Buddhism (2.4%) were the next most common religions reported.

  8. The Royal Flying Doctor Service provides medical help for those who live in remote areas.

    For Australians who live in the outback and other remote areas, planes and helicopters are their only access to urgent medical assistance.

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weird facts australian snakes animals deadly creatures

Weird facts about Australia

I know you can’t get enough of these fun facts about Australia.
Let’s finish up with some highly unusual and weird facts Australia.

  1. Christmas island off the coast of Australia is inhabited by 120 million red crabs.

  2. The capital city is Canberra only because Sydney and Melbourne have a historic rivalry and kept fighting over the title.

    It was founded following the federation of the colonies of Australia as the seat of government for the new nation.

    It is Australia’s largest inland city and the eighth-largest city overall.

    Canberra is an entirely planned city.

    Speaking of which…

  3. The word Canberra means “A woman’s cleavage” due to the city cradling two mountains.

  4. Former Prime Minister, Harold Holt disappeared off the coast of Victoria in 1967

    … and the body has never been found.

  5. The first police force introduced to Australia was made up of well-behaved convicts.

    How about this crazy Australia fact:

  6. The drop bear is a hoax in contemporary Australian folklore, invented to scare tourists.

    The tall tale features a predatory, carnivorous version of the koala that was said to drop from the trees and attack unsuspecting people below.

  7. Around 25% of Australians were born overseas.

  8. After Athens, the city of Melbourne in Victoria comprises the largest Greek population in the world.

  9. The entire population of Australia is roughly the size of the city of Shanghai in China.

  10. Aboriginal culture forbids a woman from playing the didgeridoo.

  11. More than 70 people overstay their visas each week in Australia.

    And one last weird fact about Australia funny trivia:

  12. There is an annual World Championship of Cockroach Racing in Australia.

    This takes place at story bridge hotel in Brisbane on Australia Day.

    If that’s not just plain weird, I don’t know what is. 
About Australia Facts country continent map

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