Ranked: 15 Most Beautiful Flags in the World in 2024

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It’s time for some fun with flags (any other Big Bang fans out there?) Throughout my travels I’ve always been interested in the flags of the different countries I have visited, including their history and symbolism.

Some national flags are aesthetic. Others? Not so much. 

Today, I’ve ranked the most beautiful flags in the world. Continue reading to find the full list and be sure to let me know what are some of your favourite flags in the comments section below.

Before we get into that, let’s take a look at some FAQs.

✓ What colour appears the most in flags?


Yeah, you guessed it. Red is the most popular color, appearing on over 75% of national flags of the world. This is closely followed by white that is found on 70% of the world’s flags and blue which is used by almost half of all the national flags in the world.

✓ What is the oldest flag in the world?

The flag of Denmark

The oldest and continuously used national flag is from the country of Denmark. Known as the ‘Dannebrog’ or ‘Danish cloth’, it comprises of a white Scandinavian cross on a red back ground that goes back to the 13th century A.D. It was officially adopted as the national flag in 1625. 

✓ What is the newest country flag in the world?


The current flag in use, containing a gold star and crescent, with a red band at the top and bottom of the field, was officially adopted on August 15, 2017. This new flag design was proposed to signify the blood that was shed during the struggle of Mauritania’s freedom from France.

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Here you go…


Get inspiration from around the world with these cool flags

Which country has the best flag? Which country has the most beautiful flag?

1 | Seychelles 🇸🇨

seychelles flag

Country: Seychelles
Continent: Africa
Number of colors: 5
Date adopted: January 8, 1996
Proportion: 1: 2
Use: National flag, Ensign

First up on this list of the world’s most beautiful flags is the Republic of Seychelles.

The national flag of Seychelles comprises of five different coloured oblique bands that diverge from the bottom of the hoist side of the flag to the other end. The five colors include blue, yellow, red, white, and green.

Officially adopted on January 8 1996, the Seychelles flag is the third used by this archipelagic island country since its independence from Britain in 1976. 

It is said that these oblique bands symbolize a new dynamic and vibrant country moving into the future.

What do the colours of the Seychelles flag mean?

The Seychelles flag has five colors, each having their own specific representation. 

The blue colour is a symbol of the sky and the sea that surrounds the 115 tropical islands in the Indian Ocean that make up the Seychelles.

The yellow color depicts the sand and the life-giving sun while the green color depicts the beautiful natural environment and the color red is a symbol of the people.

Lastly, the white color represents neutrality, justice, and harmony. 

Is Seychelles the best flag in the world? Continue reading to discover some top contenders and other favorites.

2 | South Africa 🇿🇦

south africa flag

Country: South Africa
Continent: Africa
Number of colors: 6
Date adopted: 27 April 1994
Proportion: 2:3
Use: Civil ensign, Civil flag, State ensign

The national flag of South Africa has a black isosceles triangle at the hoist end that is bordered by a yellow gold stripe. This is adjacent to central green band, that is in the shape of a horizontal “Y”, with the arms beginning at the corners of the hoist side. There are also two horizontal bands of equal width in red and blue, separated from the green band by two narrow white stripes.

The South African flag was officially adopted on 27 April 1994 at the beginning of the country’s democratic general election. It replaced the flag that had been used since 1928 and served as a symbol of a new era in the nation’s history.

The V or Y shape of the flag is said to represent the unity of South Africa, its people, and their diverse cultures. One of the coolest flags in the world, it depicts a united country that is often referred to as the rainbow nation.

What do the colours of the South Africa flag mean?

A symbol of unity and progress, the flag of South African is unique in that it is the only six-coloured national flag in the world. The six colors each represent important elements of the country and is considered one of the most beautiful flags in the world.

The color blue is a symbol of the sky and the two oceans that surround the country, representing the country’s endless possibilities.

The red color depicts the bloodshed, struggle, and sacrifices that were made to demolish apartheid and to achieve democracy and independence.

The color green is a symbol of the natural land and its fertility while the yellow color represents South Africa’s gold and abundant mineral wealth.

The color black is a representation of the people of South Africa while the white color is a symbol of harmony and peace between all who call this country home.

3 | Guyana 🇬🇾

guyana flag

Country: Guyana
Continent: South America
Name of flag: The Golden Arrowhead
Number of colors: 5
Date adopted: 26 May 1966
Proportion: 3:5
Use: National flag

Known as “the Golden Arrowhead,” the national flag of Guyana consists of a green field with a red isosceles triangle stretching out from along the hoist that is superimposed on the larger golden yellow arrowhead, separated by black and white borders.

The flag’s unique design with its most distinctive shape, the golden yellow arrow, is said to represent the bright future of the country.

What do the colours of the Guyana flag mean?

Guyana’s national flag comprises of 5 colors and easily makes this list of the best flags in the world. 

These colors are symbolic, with green representing the forests and agriculture, white represents the water and rivers, the gold arrow stands as a symbol of the country’s mineral wealth, black stands for endurance, while red represents the spirit, determination, and strength of the people of Guyana.

4 | Bhutan 🇧🇹

bhutan flag

Country: Bhutan
Continent: Asia
Number of colors: 3
Date adopted: 1969
Proportion: 1: 2
Use: National flag

No list of best flags in the world is complete with Bhutan, and often tops the list of countries with cool flags.

The national flag of Bhutan stands out with its striking feature of the the Druk or Thunder Dragon, the nation’s emblem.

The dragon (Standard Tibetan: འབྲུག, Dzongkha: འབྲུག་), from Tibetan and Bhutanese mythology, appears on the flag holding jewels that is said to represent the wealth of the country.

The name of Bhutan in Dzongkha is Druk Yul and the flag is based upon the tradition of the Drukpa Lineage of Tibetan Buddhism, the main religion of the region.

What do the colours of the Bhutanese flag mean?

The Kingdom of Bhutan’s flag is one of the national symbols of the country, with 3 symbolic colors.

The dominant yellow-orange colour, the official colour of the Bhutanese government, stands as a symbol of the authority and power of the king as the head and ruling power. 

The white colour of the dragon is said to symbolize purity, while the orange-red colour is associated with the religious commitment of the Buddhist heritage and the Buddhist sects of Rnying-ma-pa (Nyingmapa) and Bka’-brgyud-pa (Kagyupa).

5 | Kazakhstan 🇰🇿

kazakhstan flag

Country: Kazakhstan
Continent: Asia
Number of colors: 2
Date adopted: 4 June 1992
Proportion: 1: 2
Use: National flag. Civil ensign

The national flag of the Republic of Kazakhstan features a light sky blue field with a yellow ornamental column at the hoist and a golden steppe eagle and a sun in the centre.

Designed by Shaken Niyazbekov and adopted on 4 June 1992, the Kazakh flag displays a national ornamental pattern called “koshkar-muiz” (the horns of the ram) in yellow-gold. This same golden yellow color is continued in the sun that has 32 rays of light and the soaring eagle.

What do the colours of the Kazakhstan flag mean?

The flag of Kazakhstan, one of the best national flags, comprises of 2 colors. The blue color is of religious significance, symbolizing the reverence of the sky and the devotion to the father ancestor. This color also stands as a symbol of purity, prosperity, and peace and serves as a reminder of the unity of the people of Kazakhstan.

The golden sun, shining brightly, represents the wealth and abundance of the nation, while the golden steppe eagle is a symbol of independence, power, determination, and spirit of freedom.

6 | Estonia 🇪🇪

estonia flg

Country: Estonia
Continent: Europe
Number of colors: 3
Date adopted: 21 November 1918
Proportion: 7: 11
Use: State flag, Civil ensign, Civil flag

The national flag of Estonia, one of the best flags of the world, consists of three equal horizontal bands of blue, black, and white.

Often referred to as sinimustvalge, the tricolored Estonian flag has it origins within the national movement after the Estonian Students’ Society adopted blue, black and white as the colours of their student fraternity in 1884.

This flag was adopted as the official flag of Estonia in 1918.

What do the colours of the Estonia flag mean?

You will find 3 colors on the flag, each said to symbolize an aspect of Estonian culture. 

The blues is the color of loyalty, devotion, and faith and represents the sky, sea, lakes, and natural features of the country. The black color represents the traditional black-colored jacket of the Estonian peasant of the past and as a symbol of the tragic past of Estonia while the white color is a symbol of hope, and the work towards enlightenment and virtue.

7 | Jamaica 🇯🇲

jamaica flag

Country: Jamaica
Continent: North America
Number of colors: 3
Date adopted: 6 August 1962
Proportion: 1: 2
Use: National flag, civil ensign

Next up on this list of best designed flags is Jamaica.

The national flag of Jamaica is comprised of a yellow-gold diagonal cross or saltire that divides the flag into four sections — two green triangles at the top and bottom and two black triangles on the sides.

The sun shineth; the land is green; and the people are strong and creative,’ is how Jamaica’s flag is official interpreted.

The Jamaican flag is a unique flag in the world in that it is the only flag that does not contain the color red, white, or blue. Every other nation’s flag contains at least one of these colors. 

The flag of Jamaica was officially adopted on 6 August 1962 following the country’s independence from the British-protected Federation of the West Indies.

What do the colours of the Jamaica flag mean?

The Jamaican flag is made up of 3 colors, each depicting an important part of life in Jamaica.

The yellow color stands a symbol of the sunshine and the natural resources of Jamaica. The color green represents the agriculture and abundance of flora on the island, while the black serves as a symbol of the people and their strength, creativity, and their ability to overcome many burdens.

8 | The United Kingdom 🇬🇧

union jack UK flag

Country:  United Kingdom
Continent: Europe
Number of colors: 3
Date adopted: 1 January 1801
Proportion: 1: 2
Use: National flag

As far as famous flags go, the national flag of the United Kingdom is right up there.

The national flag comprises of a combination of three previous national flag that were united under one Sovereign. These were the red cross of St George for the Kingdom of England, the red saltire of St Patrick of Ireland, and the white saltire of St Andrew for Scotland.

Famously referred to as the Union Jack, or Union Flag, it is interesting to note that no law has been passed to make the Union Jack the official national flag of the United Kingdom, but it has effectively become such through precedent.

What do the colours of the UK flag mean?

The United Kingdom flag is made up of 3 colors, namely white, red, and blue, each representing qualities valued by the Kingdom.

White is a symbol of peace, purity, and innocence. Red represents valor, bravery, and strength, while Blue stands as a symbol of vigilance, justice, and perseverance.

9 | The Bahamas 🇧🇸

bahamas flag

Country: The Bahamas
Continent: North America
Number of colors: 3
Date adopted: 10 July 1973
Proportion: 1: 2
Use: National flag

The national flag of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas is made up of a black triangle along the hoist, adjacent to three horizontal bands of aquamarine, gold, and aquamarine.

What do the colours of the Bahamas flag mean?

Adopted in July 1973, the flag of The Bahamas consists of three colors, each representing an essential part of life in The Bahamas.

The aquamarine blue color is a symbol of the water, the Caribbean Sea, that surrounds this island nation. The yellow band stands as a symbol of the sun and the country’s other natural resources. The color black, along with the triangle pointing towards the body of the flag, is said to represent the strength, force, vigor, and determination of the Bahamian people.

10 | North Macedonia 🇲🇰

north macedonia flag

Country: North Macedonia
Continent: Europe
Number of colors: 2
Date adopted: 5 October 1995
Proportion: 1: 2
Use: National flag, Ensign

The national flag of the Republic of North Macedonia encompasses a red field behind a stylized golden central disk or sun, with a total of eight broadening rays extending from the center to the edge of the field.

Created by Miroslav Grčev and adopted on 5 October 1995, the golden yellow sun with its eight rays represents the “new sun of Liberty,” referred to in the national anthem of North Macedonia, “Denes nad Makedonija.”

What do the colours of the north Macedonian flag mean?

The flag of North Macedonia is formed using 2 colors, red and yellow, each holding significant symbolism.

The red is the traditional North Macedonian flag colour, representing the history and past of this country in the Balkans while the yellow sun represents rebirth and new beginnings.

11 | Cape Verde 🇨🇻

cape verde flag

Country: Cabo Verde
Continent: Africa
Number of colors: 4
Date adopted: 22 September 1992
Proportion: 2:3
Use: National flag, Ensign

The national flag of Cape Verde is a horizontally striped tricoloured flag with a ring of 10 yellow stars off-centre toward the hoist end. There are two wide, unequal stripes of blue that are adjacent to a narrower stripes of white, red, and white.

The Cape Verdean flag was adopted on 22 September 1992, following its independence as a Portuguese colony. Today this archipelago and island nation in the central Atlantic Ocean is one of the best countries to visit in Africa.

What do the colours of the Cape Verde flag mean?

The 10 stars on the flag of Cape Verde symbolize the 10 main Cape Verdean islands found off the coast of West Africa in the Atlantic Ocean.

The blue color represents the natural beauty of the ocean and sky that surround the nation. The white and red symbolize the road towards the founding of the nation, where white stands for peace and red for struggle and effort.

12 | Brazil 🇧🇷

brazil flag

Country: Brazil
Continent: South America
Number of colors: 3
Date adopted: 19 November 1889
Proportion: 7:10
Use: National flag, Ensign

The national flag of Brazil depicts a green field behind a yellow rhombus. Within this yellow rhombus is a blue sphere or ball that contains a starry sky. This blue sphere is traversed by a curved band inscribed with the country’s national motto, “Ordem e Progresso.”

Officially adopted on the 19th of November 1889 following the Proclamation of the Republic, the Brazilian flag contains 27 stars to symbolize the 26 states and federal district of the nation.

The positivist slogan on Brazil’s flag, “Ordem e progresso,” translates as “order and progress,” is derived from French philosopher Auguste Compte’s motto, “love as a principle and order as the basis; progress as the goal.” 

What do the colours of the Brazilian flag mean?

The flag of Brasil comprises of three colors, each representing an essential part of the country’s culture. 

The green color in the Brazilian flag represents the abundant nature, fauna and flora that is found in here, in particular the rainforest. The yellow color in the middle of the flag symbolizes the mineral resources and wealth of Brazil. The color of dark blue is said to represent the sky while the stars are a symbol of each state.

13 | Japan 🇯🇵

japan flag

Country: Japan
Continent: Asia
Number of colors: 2
Date adopted: 13 August 1999
Proportion: 2:3
Use: State flag, Civil ensign, Civil flag, State ensign

The national flag of Japan is a rectangular white field with a crimson-red circle at its center. 

Officially referred to as the Nisshōki, or more commonly known as the Hinomaru, the Japanese flag stands as a symbol of Japan’s status as the Land of the Rising Sun.

What do the colours of the Japanese flag mean?

Just two colors are found on the flag of Japan, red and white, each symbolizing an important aspect of Japanese culture. 

The color white represents integrity, honesty, and purity of the country and its people while the red disc or circle stands for Amaterasu, the sun goddess, a traditional symbol of Japan.

14 | Nepal 🇳🇵

nepal flag

Country: Nepal
Continent: Asia
Number of colors: 3
Date adopted: 16 December 1962
Use: National flag

You will notice that the flag of Nepal looks a little different. It is the only only national flag in the world that is non-quadrilateral. The flag is a combination of two single pennants (or pennons), known as a double-pennon.

Adopted on 16 December 1962, the Nepalese flag consists of a crimson red background with a blue border around the two overlapping triangular pennants. The top triangle contains a sunrise over a horizontal crescent moon that is white in color, while the lower triangle has a twelve-pointed sun that is also white in color. 

The two triangles, a Hindu symbol of victory, represent the two major religions of Nepal, Hinduism and Buddhism. They also sere as a symbol of the Himalayan mountain range that is a major landmark of this mountainous landlocked country.

What do the colours of the Nepalese flag mean?

The national flag of Nepal comprises of three colors, with the main color being crimson red. This crimson red is inspired by the national flower of the country, the rhododendron. It is also the national color of Nepal and serves as a symbol of the spirit, victory, and bravery of the Nepalese people. The color blue, representative of the sky and sea, signifies both harmony and peace.

There is also religious meaning to the colors of the Nepali flag. White is a symbol of neutrality, while red and white represent closeness and distance respectively.

15 | Mexico 🇲🇽

mexico flag

Country: Mexico
Continent: North America
Number of colors: 3
Date adopted: 16 September 1968
Proportion: 4:7
Use: National flag and ensign

The national flag of Mexico is composed of three equal-sized vertical stripes of green, white and red. You will also find a central coat of arms in the center of the Mexican flag that features an eagle, a cactus, and a serpent.

This striking feature of a powerful Golden Eagle on top of a prickly pear cactus and holding a snake in its talon, originates from an Aztec legend about an important moment in Mexican history and how it was founded. The legend says that the Aztecs were instructed by the deity Huitzilopochtli to find a place where an eagle landed on a prickly-pear cactus while holding a snake.

What do the colours of the Mexican flag mean?

The colors of the national flag of Mexico have changed meaning  under President Juarez

The flag depicts the color green as a symbol of independence ad hope, white for unity and the Roman Catholic religion, while red indicates the blood of people who lost their lives while fighting for independence.

And that’s my top 15 flags of the world. This list is by no means exhaustive.

Other honorable mentions include:

I hope you enjoyed reading this list of the most beautiful flags in the world as much as I’ve enjoyed compiling it. 

Over to YOU! 

What in your opinion is the best flag in the world? Did any of the cool flags on this list surprise. Which ones am I missing? 

That’s it for some fun with flags,


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    I’m not a huge fan of the government, but I’ve always thought the national flag of Saudi Arabia is beautiful, with the green background and Koranic script above a sword. Though the pre-1973 version with a curved sword was better than the current one I think.

  15. Pauline says:

    The Tibetan flag, is very pretty. With it’s little Tibetan spaniels or Tibetetan Terrier dog’s on the flag holding ribbons and a shield, it’s a winner in my eyes!
    And the Australian Flag, with the Union Jack in The corner the royal Blue Background, and the white stars n the shape of the Southern Cross and each represents a State in Australia!

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    What about Wales? A beautiful flag with a red dragon!

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    Hi Rai, the Brazilian flag is made up of 4 colors, not 3 as mentioned in your article. The white color represents peace. Yes, you are right, the stars represent each Brazilian state. Congratulations on your list.

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    I like the Australian flag (I am an Aussie so maybe I’m biased). I really like the symbolism and the colours.

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    You have a strange taste. Most of these are ugly, ugly, UGLY! Kazakhstan, UK, Cape Verde, and Japan are the only ones belonging the most beautiful flags” list.

    Any list of “most beautiful flags”, must include Angola & Egypt. Their flags are simply masterpieces; and you omitted both.

    Burundi has arguably the ugliest flag lol

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