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Funny Smile Quotes about Smiling Fun

Fun fact: You can’t breathe correctly while smiling. Only kidding, but I just made you smile! Or how about this one: Why doesn’t the electron smile? Because all he has are negative thoughts! Hahaaaaha. Yeah, I laugh at my own jokes – a little lame, but laughter is never unwelcome, right? For even more smiling and laughing, check out this list of hilariously funny smile quotes

Everyone knows about the infinite benefits of smiling and laughter when it comes to our quality of life and our state of being happy, healthy, and successful.

It has the added benefit of attracting the right people into our lives and connecting with them more intimately once they do. 

Chuckle the anxiety and stress away…
My hope for you as I write this: May you always find a reason to laugh.

After all, laughter is the best medicine!

I’ve compiled many lists of quotes about smiling, such as these:

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But today, you’re in for a good chuckle with these funny quotes about smiling….

Time to laugh: Let’s delve into these best funny smile quotes!

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Ok, without any further ado, let’s get into these…..


I hope you always find a reason to laugh.

Continue reading to discover some!

Funny Smile Quotes

Life is short, smile while you still have teeth!

“A smile is happiness you’ll find right under your nose.“

— Tom Wilson

How do you get a mouse to smile?
By telling it a cheesy joke.

I don’t have a funny bone in my body; now I know why my surgeon’s bills are so high.

Rory Cuphistey 

I’m not frowning, I’m just smiling upside down

People with dimples have a divine role in the universe: Smile!

— Toba Beta

Smiles are contagious. Be a carrier.

I want to be the reason you look down at your phone and smile. Then walk into a pole.

“A smile is the shortest distance between two people.”

You can only hold a smile for so long, after that it’s just teeth.

— Chuck Palahniuk

How about this smile joke?

What is the longest word in the English language?
“SMILES” – the first and last letter are a mile apart.

If you see me smiling it’s because I’m thinking of doing something bad. If you see me laughing, it’s because I already have.

Everyone has photographic memory, some just don’t have the film

Every smile makes you a minute younger.

“Smile, it’s free therapy.”

Douglas Horton

How do you make a lawyer smile for a photo?
Say “fees!”

Lol. Keep reading for more smile jokes

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Funny Smile Sayings jokes Puns

If it requires smiling, I probably won’t come.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, but when life gives you LIMES, rearrange the letters until they can spell out a smile

Smile like a monkey with a new banana

Smile today. Tomorrow could be worse

“A body smiles, like, 72 times a day. Where does that smile go? That’s what I want to know.”

 — Goldie Hawn

A laugh is a smile out of control

What I do when I see someone pretty is, I stare, I smile, then when I get tired I put the mirror down.

Smiling is my favorite exercise.

Smile. It’s the second best thing you can do with your lips.

— Jill Shalvis

“If you’re reading this… Congratulations, you’re alive. If that’s not something to smile about, then I don’t know what is.”

— Chad Sugg

A smile is infectious and contagious. Pass it on.

— Debasish Mridha

“The man who smiles when things go wrong has thought of someone to blame it on.”

Robert Bloch

I can hack your tears away but only if you give me the password to your smile.

“A smile is a facelift that’s in everyone’s price range!”

— Tom Wilson


You do know that it takes seventeen muscles to smile and forty-three to frown, right?

Smiling Funny quotes about smile

“The living should smile, for the dead cannot.”

— George R.R. Martin

Don’t be sad, because sad backwards is das, and das not good.

“Before you judge a man, walk a mile in his shoes. After that who cares? He’s a mile away and you’ve got his shoes!”

Billy Connolly

If only my teeth were as white as my legs

People seldom notice old clothes if you wear a big smile.

— Milton A. Lee

“A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.”

— Phyllis Diller

“I am thankful for laughter, except when milk comes out of my nose.”

Woody Allen

“Your wrinkles either show that you’re nasty, cranky, and senile, or that you’re always smiling.”

— Carlos Santana

“You can go a long way with a smile. You can go a lot farther with a smile and a gun.”

— Al Capone

“Life is like a mirror. Smile at it and it smiles back at you.”

Peace Pilgrim

The nurse who can smile when things go wrong…
is probably going off duty.

“So, if you feel a smile begin, don’t leave it undetected, let’s start an epidemic quick, and get the world infected!”

If you don’t start out the day with a smile, it’s not too late to start practicing for tomorrow!

Laughing Quotes Funny Smile

Stop crying about dying, and start smiling about living.

— Hailey Littrell

“Behind every smile there’s teeth.”
— Confucius

Wear a smile and have friends; wear a scowl and have wrinkles.

You haven’t lost your smile at all, it’s right under your nose. You just forgot it was there.

Before you put on a frown, make absolutely sure there are no smiles available.

— James M. Beggs

What did they call Bruce Lee when he refused to smile?

I tried to pay my taxes to the IRS with a smile. Turns out they prefer money.

“Teeth aren’t pearly, until you smile.”

— Anthony Liccione

“When people tell me: “You’re gonna regret that in the morning,” I sleep until noon because I’m a problem solver.”

A smile is the best makeup any girl can wear

— Marlyn Monroe

Are you a camera?
Because every time I look at you I want to smile.

Never regret something that once made you smile.

I’m the reason I smile every day.

Wear a smile – one size fits all!

If you see a friend without a smile; give him one of yours.

Smile, sunshine is good for your teeth!


Keeping a smile and you will be fine.

Funny Smile Quotes about laugh

Why doesn’t the electron smile?
Because all he has are negative thoughts.

The robbed that smiles, steals something from the thief.

 — William Shakespeare

You’re like a set of false teeth. I can’t smile without you!

One day life will get tired of upsetting you if you just keep smiling.

If you haven’t seen your wife smile at a traffic cop, you haven’t seen her smile her prettiest.

“A smile is an inexpensive way to change your looks.”

— Charles Gordy

I saw a beautiful girl on the bus and I smiled. It didn’t creep her out. Wearing a mask does help!

So this made me smile today – my face muscles.

If you are too busy to smile, you are too busy.

“She wore a smile like a loaded gun.”

— Atticus

“If you smile when you are alone, then you really mean it.”

— Andy Rooney

Your secrets are safe with me… I wasn’t even listening.

The gingerbread man keeps smiling at me.
Guess he’s just a cooky guy.

Smile Quotes Funny Laugh out loud

A smile appeared upon her face as if she’d taken it directly from her handbag and pinned it there.

A smile confuses an approaching frown.

“A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book.”

— Irish Quote

Most of the time... when you're crying, nobody notices your tears. 
Most of the time... when you're worried, nobody feels your pain.
Most of the time... when you're happy, nobody sees your smile. 

But when you fart just one time...

“Start every day off with a smile and get it over with.”

 — WC Fields

Life is like a mirror. Smile at it and it smiles back at you.”

— Bryant McGill

“If you’re not using your smile, you’re like a man with a million dollars in the bank and no checkbook.”

— Les Giblin

Why was the man smiling after the farmer gave him a chicken? Because he was pheasantly supplied. 

I smile because I have no idea what’s going on.

Smile; it will either warm their heart or piss them off. Either way, you win!

 — George Eliot

“Smile! It increases your face value.”

 — Robert Harling

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Fun Quotes about smiling funny

If you would like to spoil the day for a grouch, give them a smile.

What did Mona Lisa say after she was accused of not smiling for her portrait?
“I was framed!”

You’re never fully dressed without a smile.

The pimp has a grin, never a smile

Jean Genet

I play guys who never smile, and I never stop smiling.

 — Michael Kelly

Smile….you are designed to!!!

That’s about it for now. Over to you. 

What is your favourite quote about keeps smiling? Let me know in the comments below. Before you go, be sure to check out this list of smile thoughts for even more motivation.

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P.S. How do you make an astronaut smile?
Take them out for launch in Houston.

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