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Smiling captions about smile quotes

I smile, you smile, we all smile. Yeah, I often wonder what a perfect world would look like and can imagine there being a whooooooole lot of smiles. Oh and tacos (but, that’s a story for another day). Right now we talking about all things smile related because I know you’re wondering, “what do you caption a smile picture?” and are looking for that perfect caption about smiling. Good news, I’ve got a collection of the best smile captions for your beautiful smile thoughts. These smiling captions are sure to impress, delight, entertain, and will, no doubt, brighten your day.

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Smiles are contagious. Pass it on.

You’ll find that smiles are totally free and make life worthwhile.
My hope for you as I write these captions for smiling pictures: May your life be filled with an infinite supply of smiles.. (and then some)

Smile because you’re beautiful, smile because you’re alive, smile for every mistake you’ve made, smile for every person you’ve ever met or seen, smile for who you are today. You are special and someone out there loves you and loves your smile so keep it coming.

Before we get into these awesome captions about smiling, did you know that:

The simple act of smiling can make the world a better place.

How you ask?

Well, this has been scientifically proven. During a smile, a signal is sent to the brain forming a chemical reaction during which your brain releases neuropeptides. These tiny molecules help ward off any stress that you may be feeling. Other hormones and neurotransmitters such as endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin acts as mild pain relievers and antidepressants. All of these increase our feeling of happiness and so we smile some more. 

It has also been scientifically proven that facial expressions such as smiling can elevate your mood, relax your body, and even have the effect of reducing physical pain

That’s not all. 

Smiling and laughter boosts your body’s immune system by signalling molecules that fight illness and stress to be released. Conversely, negative thoughts decrease our body’s immunity. 

A smiling face make you look more attractive and appear younger looking

Daaaaamn… This simple action sure packs a punch with its benefits that know no limits. And so do these captions for smile. 

Smiling captions I smile You smile

Did you know:
World Smile Day is officially celebrated each year on the first Friday in October as a reminder to smile more and do some random acts of kindness. 

However, don’t wait to do this just once a year. Spread joy, happiness, and smiles at every opportunity you get. Followed by the use one (or all) of these smile thoughts.

These smile captions for Instagram are the ideal way to add something special to your selfies to let your personality shine through. A caption about smile has the ability to make your pics stand out and gain quite a bit of attention. 

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Ok, let’s go…..

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Let’s make a pact to begin each and every single day with a smile.

There’s always a reason to smile. You just have to find it. Are you with me?

What is the best caption of smile thoughts?

Here you go……

Laugh with your eyes, hug with your soul & smile with your heart

There are hundreds of languages in the world. But, a smile speaks them all. And the best smile is the one which shines through troubles.

No smile is as beautiful as the one that struggles through tears

— Helen Keller

Don’t take life too seriously! Nobody gets out alive anyway. SMILE. Be goofy. Take chances. Have fun. Inspire.

— Dawn Gluskin

Beauty is power; a smile is its sword.

– John Ray

One smile can start a friendship. One word can end a fight. One person can change your life.

We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do.

Mother Teresa

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About Smile Captions on smiling

A smile is happiness you’ll find right under your nose.

— Tom Wilson

A smile is the shortest distance between two people.

The prettiest smiles hide the deepest secrets. The prettiest eyes have cried the most tears and the kindest hearts have felt the most pain. 

“Smile, always smile, it doesn’t matter if it is a sad smile, because sadder than a sad smile is the sadness of being unable to smile”

Smile is a magician. It has the power to add values to your face

Life is short, smile while you still have teeth!

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.

— Phyllis Diller

A smile is infectious and contagious. Pass it on.

— Debasish Mridha

Smiling can soften the heart and move people.

Smile because you’re beautiful, smile because you’re alive, smile for every mistake you’ve made, smile for every person you’ve ever met or seen, smile for who you are today. You are special and someone out there loves you and loves your smile so keep it coming.

“Smile, it’s free therapy.”

— Douglas Horton

Put a smile on your face.
Don’t sit in the waiting room of life.
Go do something, happily.

Beneath the makeup and behind the smile I am just a girl who wishes for the world.

— Marilyn Monroe

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Love smile captions about smiling

Use your smile to change the world.
Don’t let the world change your smile.

Stop crying about dying, and start smiling about living.

— Hailey Littrell

Your smile is happiness.

The best blessing that you can give is your beautiful smile.

— Debasish Mridha

When I want to smile, I know exactly what to do, I just close my eyes and I think of you.

Smile. it’s the second best thing you can do with your lips.

— Jill Shalvis

You smile. I smile!

A smile is the sun breaking through

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Captions of smile sparkle good cheer

Life is short. Break the rules. Forgive quickly. Kiss slowly. Love truly. Laugh uncontrollably and never regret anything that makes you smile.

— Mark Twain 

Your smile is the ultimate golden dream. All the poems in the world are waking up from.

— Sanober Khan

Your smile brightens up my day.

Wear a smile and have friends;
wear a scowl and have wrinkles.

Some people make your laugh a little louder, your smile a little brighter, and your life a little better.

“A smile is an inexpensive way to change your looks.”

— Charles Gordy

Science teaches to think but love teaches to smile.

— Santosh Kalwar

“I want to touch the heart of the world and make it smile.”

Life is like a mirror. Smile at it and it smiles back at you.

The people who make you smile from just seeing them, those are my favorite people.

— Koi Fresco

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Cute smile captions on smiling quotes

Keep smiling, because life is a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about.

— Marilyn Monroe

A smile that lights up the world.

You’re never fully dressed without a smile.

A beautiful smile is the prettiest ornament that you can find. Happiness is the prettiest color for your imaginative mind.

— Debasish Mridha

Worry less, smile more. Don’t regret, just learn and grow.

Be the reason someone smiles today.

Behind every smile there’s teeth.


7 billion smiles, and yours is my favorite.

When life gives you a hundred reasons to break down and cry, show life that you have a million reasons to smile and laugh. Stay strong.

Keep Smiling. Keep Shining.

Don’t cry because it’s over.
Smile because it happened.

— Dr. Seuss

You’ll find that life is still worthwhile, if you just smile.

— Charlie Chaplin

The teeth are smiling, but is the heart?

African proverb

Silence & smile are two powerful tools

You make my heart smile.

Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.

— Mother Teresa

Wear a smile everyday; it keeps your worries right away!

What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity. These are but trifles, to be sure; but scattered along life’s pathway, the good they do is inconceivable.

— Joseph Addison

Your smile makes me smile.

Hide your craziness behind a beautiful smile. 
That’s all you need.

— Paulo Coelho

A day without a smile is a day wasted.

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Wear a smile everyday smiling captions quotes

When I saw you I fell in love and you smiled because you knew.

William Shakespeare

The most beautiful curve on a woman’s body is her smile.

— Bob Marley

Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.

—  Mother Teresa

Smile more, worry less

A smile is the same in all languages.

— Mexican proverb

I smile like a flower not only with my lips but with my whole being.


Here’s one of the best soft smile captions for girls…

She wrote love with her smile and magic with her eyes.

— Giovannie de Sadeleer

A simple smile. That’s the start of opening your heart and being compassionate to others.

— Dalai Lama

Are you a camera?
Because every time I look at you I want to smile.

“A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.”

— William Ward

The world always looks brighter from behind a smile.

Whatever happens, just keep smiling and lose yourself in love.

— Rumi

Never regret anything that made you smile.

— Mark Twain

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Make the world smile captions for smiling

Sometimes people have to cry out their tears to make room for a heart full of smiles.

There is fear when frowning. There is love when smiling.

— Maxime Lagacé

Count your age by friends, not years. Count your life by smiles, not tears.
— John Lennon

Never underestimate the importance of having a person in your life who can always make you smile.

One smile can’t change the world,
but your smile changed mine.

When things are difficult, smile by faith. Don’t wait until you feel better.

— Joel Osteen

I’ve never seen a smiling face that was not beautiful.

Just one smile immensely increases the beauty of the universe.

— Sri Chinmoy

Smile is the beauty of the soul.

Lailah Gifty Akita

A smile is a powerful weapon; you can even break ice with it.

A day without a single smile is most certainly a day wasted.

A smile is an instant facelift and instant mood lift.

— Christie Brinkley

Many of my smiles begins with you

Smiles are free but they are worth a lot.

Keep smiling. It makes people wonder what you are up to.

The most beautiful face is a face with a smile.

— Anurag Ray

Smiling doesn’t necessarily mean you’re happy. Sometimes it just means you are strong.

If you see someone without a smile give them one of yours. 

Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.

 — Thich Nhat Hanh

“Her smile dared me to fall in love with her”

— Atticus

“Lighten up, just enjoy life, smile more, laugh more, and don’t get so worked up about things.”

— Kenneth Branagh

“I love those who can smile in trouble.” 

— Leonardo da Vinci

Smile more than you cry
Give more than you take, and
Love more than you hate

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You are special Smiling captions of smile

The greatest self is a peaceful smile, that always sees the world smiling back.

— Bryant H. McGill

When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile.

And in her smile, I see something more beautiful than the stars.

— Beth Revis

We divided ourselves
among caste, creed, culture and countries
but what is undivided remains most valuable: 
a mere smile and love.

— Santosh Kalwar

A smile confuses an approaching frown

“Smiling is the best way to face every problem, to crush every fear and to hide every pain.”

If you are too busy to smile, you are too busy.

“A gentle word, a kind look, a good-natured smile can work wonders and accomplish miracles.” 

— William Hazlitt

“Smile! It increases your face value.”

“For a moment at least, be a smile on someone else’s face.”

— Dejan Stojanovic

All the statistics in the world can’t measure the warmth of a smile.

“Smiling is my favourite exercise.”

Smiles are free but they are worth so much more than any monetary value.

“A smile is a light in the window of your face that tells people you’re at home.”

It doesn’t matter who hurt you, or broke you down, what matters is who made you smile again. 

“I just like to smile. Smiling’s my favorite”

— Buddy The Elf

Nothing you wear is more important than your smile.

— Connie Stevens

Don’t forget to smile today.

“When all else fails, smile.”

Smile from your heart; nothing is more beautiful than a woman who is happy to be herself.

— Kubra Sait

Nobody needs a smile so much as the one who has none to give. So get used to smiling heart-warming smiles, and you will spread sunshine in a sometimes dreary world.

— Lawrence G. Lovasik
Fun Smiling Smile captions

“Smile, it is the key that fits the lock of everybody’s heart.”

— Anthony J. D’Angelo

“Nothing shakes the smiling heart.”

“Smiling resets your mood.”

Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been.

— Mark Twain

Peace begins with a smile

— Mother Teresa

“If you smile when you are alone, then you really mean it.”

— Andy Rooney

“Every smile makes you a day younger”

“A smile is the best makeup any girl can wear.”

“You’ve got to take the good with the bad, smile with the sad, love what you’ve got.”

I love you. Your smile is the icing on the cake.

Because of your smile, you make life more beautiful.

— Thich Nhat Hanh

Smile. Sparkle. Shine.

Focus on giving smiles away and you will always discover that your own smiles will always be in great supply!

— Joyce Meyer

Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after having an experience with you becomes your trademark.

I can hack your tears away but only if you give me the password to your smile.

Peace is the beauty of life.
It is sunshine.
It is the smile of a child,
the love of a mother,
the joy of a father,
the togetherness of a family.
It is the advancement of man,
the victory of a just cause,
the triumph of truth.

— Menachem Begin

The real beauty of a woman is most clearly seen in the smiles of those who interact with her.

You smile. I smile. We all smile!

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Keep smiling captions love with your smile captions

… and never forget this one final smile caption:

Always remember to SMILE…
You were born to!

That’s about it for now. Over to you. What is your favourite smiling caption? Let me know in the comments below.

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