10 Best Croatian Islands To Visit in 2024

Planning an island escape?

Read on for a whole lot of inspiration on the best islands in Croatia to visit. Soak up the sun and discover the perfect one for you on this list of the most beautiful Croatian islands.

Croatia is a Schengen country that will blow your mind with its pristine natural landscapes and gorgeous coastline. It offers those perfect Mediterranean vibes that float in relaxation coupled with years of history. The locals are happy to call Split “the most beautiful city in the world“, but unveil the magic of 1000 islands of Croatia.

Each Croatia island has unique features and enduring charms, with unspoiled beaches and crystal-clear waters.

Come with me on a journey where song knows the sea and discover the most amazing and beautiful islands in Croatia to visit.

That special feeling of being on an island in Croatia is unique by itself. Having a boat ride will let you discover the seaside in its true essence. That’s why you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to experience this kind of secludedness.

Find your perfect getaway with this compilation of the most amazing Croatian islands that you should visit in 2024!

Amazing gorgeous islands in Croatia

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You may be wondering…

Does Croatia have many islands? How many islands in Croatia?

Found along the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea, the Croatian archipelago is home to more than 1,246 islands, islets, cliffs, and reefs. Of these, 49 of the islands are permanently inhabited, while the majority are small and uninhabited.

This sun-kissed archipelagos of islands and islets are a combination of craggy coastline, enchanting enclaves, hidden havens, and undiscovered reserves.

It is no wonder that Croatia is also affectionately referred to as “the land of a thousand islands.”

What is the best island to visit in Croatia?

From stunning beaches and fun adventures to natural wonders and romantic getaways, the best Croatia islands offer the ideal island holiday.

Which is the best island to visit in Croatia?

Zlatni Rat beach in Brač Croatia best islands

1 | Brač

The easiest to reach, Brač island is only 1h away by ferry ride from Split. During the summer, the ferries are quite common to the largest island in Dalmatia.

Being pretty underrated, Brač is mostly famous thanks to Zlatni Rat Beach (Golden Horn). Not only Zlatni Rat, the whole town of Bol and around is full of captivating beaches.

Vidova Gora is the highest peak offering a fabulous view of the Zlatni Rat beach.

The pretty towns that scatter around the island include Supetar, Sutivan, Postira, Milna, Sumartin, and Pučišća. Pučišća is a cradle of the traditional stone of Brač and unveils its artistic heritage. Visiting the Stonemason school will leave an incredible memory as it transmits through the town the artistic heritage.

Brač is a home of incredible natural wonders like 16-th century Blaca Hermitage, a monastery nested in the cliffs.

For those with kids, Brač is the best Croatian island for families with children due to its accessibility, facilities, affordability, and abundance of activities for the entire family.

Where to stay

As a largest island in Croatia, Brač offers a wide panorama of stunning accommodation.

In Supetar you can enjoy the coziness and delicious food at Waterman Svpetrvs Resort. Velaris Hotel Amor dwells in the romantic ambiance of a lush garden and lovely beach.

The Hotel Lemongarden is a 5-star hotel in Sutivan that offers a tranquility of the gorgeous garden with the pool.

The Bluesun Hotel Elaphusa is a dreamy escape near the fabulous beach Zlatni Rat in Bol.

The elegance of the Puteus Palace Heritage Hotel in Pučišća ideally compliments this pretty town.

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Keep reading to discover more of the best islands of Croatia to visit…

Beautiful Croatian islands Hvar best to visit

2 | Hvar

Hvar enjoys the reputation as the prettiest island in Croatia thanks to the marvelous nature, lovely towns, and hidden bays. It’s also popular due to its lavender tradition and night scene.

In fact, Hvar is often regard as the best party island in Croatia, with its music festivals, parties, beach bars, and vibrant nightlife. Other Croatian islands for nightlife include Pag, Brač, and Rab.

Hvar is also home to one of the oldest towns in Europe- Stari Grad. It bursts with the cute labyrinth of cobblestone streets, cozy bars, and restaurants. Tvrdalj Castle is the most visited place on Hvar, a home to the ancient poet Petar Hektorović.

Hvar town will amaze you with the stunning view of the Pakleni islands of Croatia from the fort Fortica. It’s the busiest town that unveils the fancy atmosphere of its cute streets.

Vrboska, also known as “small Venice,” is bursting with cuteness. Jelsa is another pretty town, known for its wines.

The Croatia holiday Island of Hvar shines with hidden beaches that will simply allure you, in the villages of Zavala or Sveta Nedjelja.

If you’re looking for the best island in Croatia for beaches, head over to the Pakleni Islands. Here you will discover beautiful sandy beaches that include Perna Beach, Kordovon Beach, Mlini Beach, and Okorija Beach, Stipanska Beach, and Soline Beach. The island of Rab is another ideal destination for sandy beaches in Croatia.

Where to stay

Labranda Senses Resort in Vrboska offers a cozy stay and delicious food with the tranquility of Soline Beach.

Valamar in Stari Grad ranges from a budget stay in Arkada to the loveliness of the Amicor eco villas.

The luxury with a view holds the oldest hotel in Hvar, Palace Elisabeth in Hvar town. Adriana Spa Hotel in Hvar town lies at the edge of the town next to the small beach.

If you would like to be near the most fabulous beach at Hvar, you should book Skalinada in Zavala.  

Travel Croatia island of Korčula

3 | Korčula

Korčula enjoys a secluded position just across the Pelješac Peninsula at the uttermost south of the Croatian coast. Such a pretty Croatian island is absorbed in the history of Greek traces and the figure of Marco Polo, who was born here.

Moreška sword dance is a traditional amusement, especially popular at dusk. Vineyards define the picturesque hills of Korčula and most of the wineries take place in Vela Luka.

Korčula town is pretty by itself along with the marvellous shine of the stone stairways and stunning cathedral. The Town Museum unveils the beauty of the 16th-century Renaissance Palace.

Vela Luka is a lovely town and embraces the pristine beaches of nearby island Proizd. Lumbarda village is known by tranquil sandy beaches.

It’s a bit challenging to reach Korčula island as it takes 3h ferry ride from Split. Alternatively, there’s a quick ferry from Orebić (Pelješac) or from Dubrovnik.

Where to stay

Amines Korčula Heritage Hotel is defined by its unique location and pure elegance.

Hotel Borik near Lumbarda Beach is an affordable place with a picturesque view towards Pelješac.

Hostel Korčula is a lovely place near Luka Korčulanska Beach with a complimentary breakfast.

Mljet best Croatian islands to visit

4 | Mljet

No list of the best Croatian islands to visit is complete without Mljet. The most forested Croatian island hosts stunning natural wonders at the Mljet National Park and is a true oasis for nature-lovers.

The breathtaking colours of two saltwater lakes are a simple invitation to visit. Veliko Jezero (Large Lake) and Small Lake (Small Lake) offer an incredible hike to admire it in all aspects. The tiny islet shines like a diamond in the middle with the 12th century Benedictine monastery.

The highest peak Montkuc delights with awesome views while you enjoy the refreshing smell of pine trees.

Another hike leads to the stunning Odysseus Cave, but you can also reach it by boat.

Pomena town is the best way to enter Mljet National Park. You can reach it with a 1,5 ferry ride from Dubrovnik or from Korčula (40 minutes). Otherwise, you can take a ferry from Prapratno at Pelješac peninsula to Sobra or a catamaran from Split.

All of this activity is sure to leave you feeling famished. You’ll be glad to know that the island has an abundance of fine wine, tasty olives, and good goat’s cheese.

Where to stay

Hotel Atlas Odisej is the only Hotel on the island, otherwise you can stay in private rooms and b&b apartments. Hotel Odisej in Pomena liest close to the Mljet lakes and next to the rocky beach.

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Beautiful best islands in Croatia to visit Krk

5 | Krk

Krk is one of the most stunning Croatian islands that bursts with history and a romantic atmosphere. The medieval harm of Krk belongs to the ancient Baška tablet which conveys the oldest Croatian letter, Glagolitic.

Krk town intertwines the historic heritage at almost every corner. From the Frankopan castle, the beautiful cathedral, Glagolitic square or temple of Venus Krk town is so alluring.

The gorgeous beaches scatter along the lovely town of Baška. Malinska also offers shady beaches and a relaxing promenade towards Njivice.

Awesome hikes are the delightful shine to visit Krk such as the Canyon Vrženica from Baška or the highest peak Obzova.

Krk is the largest and most populous island in the Adriatic. It also happens to be one of the easiest Croatia islands to reach as you only need to take a bus from Rijeka through the bridge.

Where to stay

Valamar Hotels offer a wide panorama of choice from the most luxurious to the budget ones. It includes camping sites, hotels and villas in Baška and Krk town.

Luxury Hotel Riva in Malinska is a 5-star hotel next to the lovely beach.

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best islands of Croatia most beautiful beaches

6 | Silba

Silba, a pedestrian island in the Zadar archipelago, is one of the quietest islands in Croatia.

As one of the North Dalmatian Islands, it can be found close to Mali Lošinj in the northwestern part of the archipelago. 

The pristine nature brings the unique atmosphere of gracious beaches. Its artistic shine is the soul of an island in the pretty streets of Mediterranean vibes. Silba holds a lot of history and a special love story, and so remains inviting to visit. Toreta Tower particularly unveils its charm and awesome views, even toward the Croatian islands of Olib and Premuda.

Gorgeous beaches hide amongst its lovely corners. Some of the most popular are the Pocukmarak and Sotorisce as the largest. Several bays offer a world of pure fantasy.

There’s a catamaran from Zadar towards Silba twice a daily and requires about an hour to reach the island.

Where to stay

There are no hotels in Silba but various private accommodations such as the Silba Belvedere or the tranquil ambiance of Heni.

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Vis Croatia best islands to visit

7 | Vis

Because of its distant location, Vis contains the pure charm of the Mediterannean and a pristine atmosphere. The untouched nature and cuteness of cobblestone streets are so attractive, making Vis a popular choice as one of the best Croatian islands for couples.

Vis is not so large and you can easily take a bike ride from Vis town to Komiža on the other side. One of the hiking routes leads to the highest peak Hum, starting from Komiža. Because of the military base you cannot visit the peak, but the little chapel nearby.

Some of the stunning attractions at island Vis are the Blue and Green Cave. Representing the unique treasure in Dalmatia, you can also visit them as a tour from the other best islands of Croatia.

One of the most breathtaking beaches along the Croatian coast is Stiniva. Nestled between two cliffs, you can only reach this oasis by hiking or by boat.

The beauty of Vis bursts with lovely locations from Mamma Mia film, among which is Stiniva.

The isolation, tranquility, and calm surroundings of Vis will ensure you get maximum chill and relaxation time.

How to reach and Where to stay

From the mainland Split you can arrive to Vis either by 1,5 hours catamaran ride or 2,5 hours by ferry.

Among the few hotels at Vis, Hotel San Giorgio in Vis town is the only 4-star hotel.

House Bava near the lovely beach is an oasis of relax and has only 10 minutes walk from the centre.

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most beautiful croatian islands to visit for families

8 | Lokrum

Lokrum is a stunning paradise overlooking the city of Dubrovnik. This small Croatian island is a Nature Reserve, taking only 10 minutes by boat from Dubrovnik. That’s why there are no cars on the island. You will also not find any accommodation options here.

The monastery complex fills the island with pure enchantment. Though in ruins, you’ll be amazed with the botanical garden lying around. With peacocks and rabbits that enrich the charm, you’ll feel like in a movie.

The Royal Fort from 1806 delights with stunning views from the highest point at Lokrum island. On the way you’ll enjoy the Path of Paradise to get the highest allure.

The island is embraced by rocky beaches instead of any typical one. Dead Sea or the salty lake will splash the necessary refreshment.

Visiting Lokrum is your chance to absorb the thrill of the Game of Thrones.

The breathtaking way to reach Lokrum is by kayak from Dubrovnik.

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most beautiful islands in croatia

9 | Brijuni

Next up on this list of the best Croatian islands to visit is the archipelago of Brijuni. It consists of 14 picturesque islets within the National Park near Pula. Veliki Brijun is the largest one, unveiling the hidden treasure of the Roman archeological site. Many exotic animals dwell in the tranquil shine of the unspoiled nature that it offers.

You can easily explore it on foot or renting a golf buggy.

Ulysses Theatre brings delightful performances at the open-air stage.

Veliki Brijun hosted many celebrities like Elisabeth Taylor, Richard Barton or Sophia Loren. Yugoslav President Tito created his favourite summer retreat at Veliki Brijun.

How to reach and Where to stay

The easiest way to reach Veliki Brijun on your own is from Fažana, the small town near Pula. In Fažana you can buy the tickets at the tourist office, which includes a guided tour. It’s only a 15-minute boat ride and then the electric train awaits for you.

Neptun-Istra Hotel offers a cozy stay, just like its celebrity guests. 

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Best islands in Croatia

10 | Kornati Islands

Kornati Islands National Park consists of more than 150 uninhabitated islands. Spreading between Šibenik and Zadar Kornati are an incredible wonder of the Adriatic Sea.

The largest island is Kornat in this fascinating weaving of mostly rocky Croatia islands, islets, and cliffs.

You can visit the pristine waters of Kornati with day tours from Zadar or Šibenik. Having a private yacht is your exquisite way to arrive while enjoying the endless sea. It’s also an opportunity for snorkelling and some amazing hikes.

Among several restaurants, you should stop at Konoba Darko Strižnja at Kornat that will tantalise you with the fresh seafood. 

>> Other holiday islands of Croatia worth exploring:

  • Rab
  • Dugi otok
  • Cres
  • Lošinj
  • Šipan
  • Šolta
  • Galešnjak
  • Lastovo
  • Murter
  • Biševo
  • Lopud
  • Krapanj
  • Sveti Klement
  • Vir
  • Koločep
  • Susak
  • Molat
  • Olib
  • Pašman
  • Proizd
  • Ugljan

Whichever island in Croatia you choose, I’m almost certain that you’ll have a great time! If you have any travel questions about any of these beautiful island vacations or how to visit, be sure to let me know and I’ll be happy to help out.

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