The 13 Best Cádiz Beaches, Andalusia Spain

Beach in Cadiz Spain

The Costa de la Luz, or Coast of Light, along the southwestern coast of Spain encompasses miles of golden sand beaches surrounded by the glistening turquoise waters of the Atlantic ocean. With more than 260 kilometers of coastline, it is no surprise that the region of Cádiz boasts some of the most breathtaking beaches, not just in Spain, but in all of Europe.

From tranquil coves with crystal-clear waters to bustling stretches of golden sand, it offers something for every type of beach-goer. Whether you are looking for adventure or simply pure relaxation, these stunning Cádiz beaches will leave you awestruck and inspired.

So continue reading to immerse yourself in the beauty that awaits at these top beaches in Cadiz Spain!

Does Cádiz have good beaches?

Cádiz has some of the best beaches in Andalucia, perhaps in all of Spain, so how do you decide which beach in Cádiz will be the best for you? 

Once you have picked a beach for your relaxing sun, sea, and sand vacation you need to be sure it will have all the right features for your particular needs.

Perhaps you like nothing more than getting away from the distractions of modern life, or maybe watersports are your thing? Sometimes we have to compromise and cater to a range of people and lifestyles in a group. So which Cádiz Beach to choose then?

Getting the balance right and making that final choice with confidence as you come up with your list of best Cádiz beaches to visit is key to ensuring that you can simply relax, unwind, and enjoy your holiday, knowing that everything has been thought through.

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Best beaches Cadiz Spain travel guide

From North to South along the Atlantic Coast, here’s our guide to the best beaches in Cádiz Spain.

Whether you’re heading to the beach as a day trip from Seville, or spending a whole week lounging by the sea, this guide will give you a comprehensive overview of the best Cádiz beach options available.

1 | Playa de la Santa Maria del Mar, the Smallest Beach

This famous sandy beach has a long promenade and a beautiful viewing point. It may be the smallest beach of all the ones mentioned here, but it adds to its charm! 

  • Enjoy a drink with a view – a beach bar located in the middle of the beach has a spacious terrace that’s guaranteed to have views that are hard to forget, including a great view of the old part of Cádiz.
  • There are two stone damns that give this beach a shape of a shell. The beach can be accessed from ramps or stairs that separates this beach from Playa de la Victoria.
  • This is also a Blue Flag beach and has services similar to the nearby La Caleta beach.
best beach in Cadiz spain

Which is the best beach in Cádiz Spain?

2 | Playa de la Victoria, the Urban Beach

Playa de la Victoria, found right next to Playa de la Santa Maria, encompasses over 3 kilometers of fine golden sand. Arguably one of the most popular beaches in Cadiz Spain, Playa de la Victoria is the main and most known Cádiz beach. 

The beach, one of the best city beaches in Spain, is very wide at 185 meters and can be accessed really easily from the main promenade, making it top choice for locals and visitors to enjoy a beach day.

  • This beach is very well serviced with all the facilities you need for the perfect beach day, and it also accessible via public transport thanks to the bus stops on the main road.
  • The promenade is lined with restaurants and bars, so you never have to venture too far for a lunch or a drink.
  • During the summer there are lots of opportunities to play different sports or ball games, and they even do movie nights during the week in an outdoor cinema!
Cadiz beach best spots Spain

3 | La Caleta, the Carnival Beach

However, if it is fun and razzamatazz that you are looking for then La Caleta Beach Cádiz is the place to be. The city plays host to a multitude of seafront carnival events throughout the holiday high season.

  • La Caleta means small bay in Spanish, and the waters are usually calm. 
  • Small boats are moored out in the deeper areas, and there are no jet skis, kite surfers, or other sporting activities allowed on this urban strip of white sand so it is a calmer beach during daylight hours.
  • In the evenings the locals descend on the beach with their folding tables and chairs to play bingo, cards, chess, or otherwise simply socialize with friends old and new. 
Beach beds in Cadiz, Spain

4 | Bolonia, the Dune Beach

About 17 km south of the city of Tarifa, Bolonia Beach is home to a 30-meter (100-foot) dune that dominates the scene at the seafront. Climb it slowly, it is made of sand and the going is tough, to come down quickly on a board.

  • Sandboarding is popular and a lot of fun, but apart from that the views across the sea to Africa are superb from the top of this ever-changing, wind-sculpted landmark. 
  • At the foot, on one side are small coves and rocky pools that are a favorite spot for naturists, while closer to town there are the ancient remains of a Phonecian city, Baelo Claudia, abandoned in the 7th Century.
  • The wild, unspoiled nature of the beach means you should come prepared with your own shade, food, and activities. 
  • A favorite haunt of windsurfers and kitesurfers it is the perfect beach for those seeking somewhere less developed.
  • It has, however, become one of Southern Spain’s most popular beach destinations with its combination of bright white sand and sparkling waters. 
  • Look out for the green mud too, said to be full of minerals and beneficial to the skin, it is seen as a free spa treatment!
Cadiz beach Faro de Trafalgar, España

5 | Los Alemanes, the Mountain Beach

In a rocky cove on the side of a mountain, this gorgeous little beach is a favorite spot for local Spanish families with great swimming and sheltered areas. At one end of this stunning playa Cádiz, rocks spill into the ocean, harboring myriad wildlife, making it a fascinating spot to watch crabs, fish, and anemones in the water.

  • Once a wartime staging post for the German military supply chain, the concrete gun emplacement still presides over the beach opposite the more attractive lighthouse at the Southern end of the beach. 
  • Below the lighthouse is where you will get most shelter from the Levant wind when it blows up from the African continent.
  • Although quieter and with fewer facilities than the nearby Zahara de los Atunes beach, you will find traditional beach vendors selling their wares, including a mobile beach bar that plies its trade from one end of the beach to another.
beautiful Cadiz beaches guide chipiona

6 | Sanlúcar de Barrameda, the Natural Beach

The town of Sanlúcar de Barrameda is positioned at the mouth of the Guadalquivir River and is the gateway to the National Park of Doñana. As a result, the beaches here teem with wildlife and are some of the cleanest in Spain.

  • The five beaches here span six kilometers of coastline, and it is the smallest beach, the Playa de Bajo de Guía, which has the best facilities for holidaymakers. 
  • That said, the choice presented to the visitor makes Sanlúcar de Barrameda ideal for those seeking a little variety.
  • At the Playa de la Calzada regular horse races take place along the thin ribbon of golden sand that makes up the beach. 
  • It has become known as the Hipódromo de Sanlúcar and is a must-see. Check the timetable to make sure your sunbathing is not interrupted!
  • At the Playa de las Piletas natural rock outcrops harbor several plant and crab species, ideal for those wanting to investigate the local wildlife. 
  • The Playa del Coto is situated within the National Park, and has limited access because of this, while the Playa de la Jara is a pebble beach, ideal for when the sand loses its novelty value.
Lighthouse at the beach in Cadiz with a groyne

7 | Faro de Trafalgar, the Lighthouse Beach 

Next up on this list of best Cádiz beaches is Faro de Trafalgar. From the lighthouse to the head of the cape lies two kilometers of sand stretching out along the coast. Famous for its sunsets, this Cádiz beach attracts sightseers every evening as the last rays of the sun illuminate the white column of the lighthouse.

  • Swimming too far beyond the lighthouse is not advised due to the adverse currents that run around the headland. But closer to the lighthouse, the swimming is safe, the beach is clean, and the water is clear. 
  • The rule of thumb is to swim only where there are the fewest waves and the most swimmers!
  • Facilities are limited and so there are few tourists on the golden sands of the Trafalgar beach. 
  • Some come to gaze out to sea and imagine Nelson and his ships taking on the Spanish Armada, although it is hard to see the calm blue ocean as a battlefield these days.
  • Others come to relax in the naturist-friendly area of the beach, while surfers enjoy the consistent waves in the winter months.
spain best beaches cadiz Andalusia

8 | Playa de La Fontanilla, the Spacious Beach 

At Conil de la Frontera you will find the Playa de la Fontanilla, a vast beach with easy parking that never gets overcrowded, even in July and August. It’s a beautiful stretch of 1,200 meters and a must visit when searching for the best Cadiz Spain beaches.

  • The perfect beach for an all-day family beach day out, but bring your own shade and picnic as services are limited.
  • Having said that, there are restaurants and beach-side chiringuitos (barbeques) and several lifeguard stations, but not the crowds experienced on other, smaller, or more urban beaches. 
  • When the tide goes out at la Fontanilla, it becomes quite a walk to reach the ocean, and when it comes back in again, as the beach is so flat, you may find it chasing you into shore. 
  • Even at high tide, there is still a wide expanse of sand on which to spread out without getting too close to your neighbors.
best beaches cadiz Spain Playa de la Santa Maria del Mar

9 | Playa de la Cortadura, the Natural Beach

Playa de la Cortadura is the only natural beach on the shores of Cádiz.

With the length of nearly 4 km between Torregorda and Cortadura, Playa de la Cortadura is the largest beach in Cadiz. Thanks to a convenient location on the CA-33 highway, it connects Cádiz with the nearby town of San Fernando, and makes a convenient location for a beach day from both cities.

  • If you want to escape the crowds, this beach is a great choice – it doesn’t get nearly as busy as the beaches closer to the center of the city.
  • Get to the beach early in the morning otherwise you might face issues with the parking options, which are pretty limited.
  • This beach has seven Blue Flag status (clean seas of Europe), so you’re guaranteed to have a great time in the sea or sand! 
La Caleta beach Cadiz

10 | Caños de Meca, the Bohemian Beach 

The beach at Caños de Meca is a popular hangout for artists, musicians, and all manner of creative people. Oftentimes you might discover people practicing their instruments or rehearsing for a show amongst the dunes.

  • The vibe is very festive all year round, although it can get a little windy in the winter months. 
  • Even so, this makes it all the more attractive to the surfing community, and kayakers are drawn to Caños with the promise of access to otherwise undiscoverable coves and other hidden places.
  • The landscape views of nearby Cabo de Trafalgar and the natural park of Acantilados de Breña, bring artists with their watercolors and pastels to attempt to capture the striking beauty of the ocean sunsets.
  • The extensive dunes, the winding freshwater streams, and the long walking routes to the beaches make this coastline difficult for young families to access. 
  • Be aware that the dunes can also become unstable at certain times of the year and it’s a good idea to check the wind isn’t too strong, say above 20 km, before visiting.
Conil de la frontera, Cádiz beach

11 | Costa Ballena, the Accessible Beach

The beach at Rota is more than four-and-a-half kilometers of golden sand, a classic Spanish beach. While it doesn’t have the usual paseo marítimo or seafront walkway, it has good access for persons with reduced mobility.

  • It has all the facilities associated with a well-managed resort, showers, toilets, and a first aid and lifeguard rescue service. 
  • Hire a sun-lounger, or a hammock and take a boat out onto the Ocean. 
  • There is a nautical center and a diving club which provides guided tours of the sea bed too.
  • Local folklore tells us that the beach was the final resting place for an aged whale looking for a paradise in which to end its days, which is how the beach got its name. 
  • Today the purpose-built resort has managed to avoid the blight of high-rise hotels and so the area is surrounded by parks and orchard groves.
best beaches cadiz conil

12 | Zahara de Los Atunes, the Tuna Beach 

The city of Zahara de los Atunes was granted a license to process tuna in the fifteen hundreds and the church in the middle of town was set up as the factory that butchered and salted the fish. 

  • Today there is an array of fine fish restaurants along the seafront, so when your day on the beach is done you can top it off with some delicious local dishes.
  • The beach extends to eight kilometers and caters to almost every activity, from hammocks and sunloungers to windsurfing and scuba diving. 
  • The area is quite windswept and the proximity to Gibraltar means that the average temperature here is lower than further North. 
  • The average Summer temperature is around 26°C (78°F).
Cadiz beach guide Spain

13 | Valdevaqueros, the Kite Surfing Beach 

Valdevaqueros Beach is known as the kite surfing capital of the Cádiz coastline. The breeze will help you keep your cool while the sky over the ocean fills with literally hundreds of kite surfers taking full advantage of the excellent conditions for their sport.

  • The sandy beach is broad and well-catered with regard to food, drink, and lifeguarding services and access is easy too. 
  • It never gets too crowded and the car parks are close by. Windsurfers can be hired here along with scuba diving equipment also, in case you want to explore the underwater world.
  • Behind the beach, the dunes have been planted with fir trees. It is worth the climb to enjoy the view across the beach, the kite surfers, and the ocean to the distant African continent.

Make sure to visit these beautiful spots on their next Spanish vacation.

Whichever beach in Cádiz Spain you choose, I hope you have a great time! If you have any travel questions about any of these beach destinations in Cádiz or how to visit, be sure to let me know and I’ll be happy to help out. 

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